Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards examines department operations as they relate to employee conduct and professionalism as well as the department’s compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). The office is made up of three units:

  • Civil Rights Unit
  • Employee Conduct Unit 
  • PREA Unit

The Civil Rights Unit

Conducts all investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation and unprofessional conduct. The unit also is responsible for conducting statewide training for all employees; recruitment efforts; and outreach to employees who report they have been subjected to discrimination, harassment, retaliation or unprofessional conduct.

The Employee Conduct Unit

Conducts all investigations into employee violations of policy and procedure, which might include, but are not limited to, unexpected offender deaths, suicides, possible homicides, theft, over-familiarity between an employee and an offender, contraband and accessing of confidential records. Law enforcement may assist in certain investigations and cases.

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) Unit

Responsible for developing, implementing, investigating and overseeing the agency's efforts to comply with the PREA standards in all facilities. For more information, visit the PREA page.

Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation and Unprofessional Conduct

The department is committed to maintaining a work environment that fosters mutual respect and working relationships free from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and unprofessional conduct (D2-11.4).

The department has zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or unprofessional conduct. Staff members who engage in such behaviors will be subject to disciplinary action. Conduct that may not constitute discrimination,
harassment, or retaliation under state and federal laws may still be cause for disciplinary action.

Any staff member who experiences or witnesses any form of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, or unprofessional conduct must immediately report this conduct, either verbally or in writing, to the staff member’s immediate supervisor,
any other supervisor within the department, the chief administrative officer, or the Office of Professional Standards.

Confidential Line for Employee Allegations and Reporting (C.L.E.A.R.)

Every employee is responsible for ensuring that all interactions within the workplace – whether with offenders, visitors or other employees – are professional and respectful. Anyone who experiences or observes verbal or nonverbal discrimination, harassment, retaliation or unprofessional conduct you can report it:

  • Through your chain of command
  • By contacting your Civil Rights Officer
  • By calling the C.L.E.A.R. Line to make a confidential report