Pay Plan Update: Expanding the Scope & Adding Funding

Message to Staff: April 18, 2019

Dear Corrections Family:

I want to pass along an update and even more good news (so please read further) about the proposed Missouri Department of Corrections pay plan. The plan, developed by the Missouri Department of Corrections and supported by Governor Parson, calls for a 3% salary increase for all state workers, plus an additional and ongoing 1% increase for every two years of service, up to 20 years, for all non-executive MODOC staff. It would be the biggest pay increase the Department has ever received.  When I sent out the last update, the pay plan had passed the House of Representatives and was on its way to the Senate. Since then, my team and I have worked with the Senate, as we did with the House, to ensure Senators understand the important work you do and the need for pay increases. Again, we have received full support.  

I have two more updates, and they are both good news!

Good News Item 1

In our original pay plan, the 1% increase for every two years of MODOC service applies only to continuous employment by current staff. In other words, if someone worked in Corrections, left the department and then rejoined the department, only the most recent period of employment would be considered in calculating the raise. We want the increase to apply to all years of MODOC experience, so while the pay plan has been moving through the General Assembly, we have also been working with Governor Parson and his team as well as Senator Hegeman to find the funding needed to include all years of MODOC service performed by current employees in calculating each raise. Working together, we have identified funding, and Senator Hegeman has added it to the pay plan! Once again, we have the full support of Governor Parson. We are very thankful to the Governor and Senator Hegeman for their support. Keep in mind that this part of the plan applies only to Department of Corrections service and only to current employees. Since there has been an addition to the pay plan by the Senate, approval by the House of Representatives will be required.

Good News Item 2

The Senate Appropriations Committee has passed our pay plan, and the only change is the additional funding for staff with breaks in service! There were no other changes to our pay plan!!! This means two versions of our pay plan are being considered: the original (great plan) and the version with additional funding for employees with breaks in service (even better plan). At this point there are two possible outcomes: The great plan passes, or the even better plan passes. I promise you that my team and I will work hard to make sure version 2 is the one that crosses the finish line.

Next Step

The full Senate will vote on our budget, with the pay plan. I will send out another update in the next few weeks. We are now VERY close to this pay plan passing!!!

I couldn’t be more proud of all of you and the work you do to keep each other safe and to make this a great Department. We are moving in the right direction together. Please keep doing your part in making your workplace the best it can be.


Anne L. Precythe

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