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20 Things the Missouri Department of Corrections Did in 2020

20 Things MODOC Did in 2020
A lot of words have been used to describe 2020. Unprecedented. Uncertain. Unstable. For corrections professionals, there’s another: unmatched. In the face of a public health crisis — and the day-to-day-dangers the work presents — corrections staff on the front lines show exemplary dedication and courage. Here are some of the things the Missouri Department of Corrections accomplished in 2020. Watch the video »


Personnel Director Dwight Politte explains the ENGAGE professional development process and highlights the annual cycle of meetings and evaluations. Watch the video »

2021 Strategic Plan

Goals: Safer Work Environment, Improving Workforce, Reducing Risk and Recidivism
Planner Angelee Mitchell highlights initiatives and goals for Fiscal Year 2021 and reviews major accomplishments from the previous year. Watch the video »


2020 Strategic Plan

We have big plans for 2020! See what changes are underway to help boost workplace safety, develop our teams and reduce risk and recidivism in Missouri.
Kelly Dills
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Total Compensation Package

What do you get with a job? In some jobs, it’s just a paycheck. And nothing else. When you work in the Missouri Department of Corrections, you get so much more. A sense of purpose. Fulfillment. Stability. Camaraderie. AND BENEFITS! Personnel Director Dwight Politte breaks down the true value of a job in the Missouri Department of Corrections. 

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Director's Award of Valor 2019 

Six corrections staff members earn the Director's Award of Valor for saving fellow Missourians from offender unrest, a hostage taker and an oncoming truck. 
Officers with Director Anne Precythe
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DOC Leak Busters Wins 2019 Show Me Challenge

Team DOC Leak Busters won Cycle 2 of the Show Me Challenge innovation competition with a plan to reduce wastewater, conserve natural resources and save money. Hear about heir proposal for saving $82 million by installing low-flow plumbing features in state prisons.


Team DOC Leak Busters presents their innovative plan.
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