Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS)

The validated Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) is a set of dynamic risk/needs assessment tools that helps identify factors that drive a person toward negative or criminal behaviors and also can help determine each person’s risk of reoffending.

Verified Risk Assessment Tool

The Missouri Department of Corrections uses the Ohio Risk Assessment System (ORAS) to identify dynamic factors that drive a person toward negative or criminal behaviors. Adopted department-wide June 1, 2019, the ORAS helps staff assess offenders, target interventions and inform responses to behavior. It helps us tailor the work we do to improving each Missourian’s life.

The validated risk and needs assessment identifies each person’s risk of re-offending. Information garnered helps to ensure each person gets the right interventions and programming. This system is employed throughout a Missourian's time with the department, on community supervision and during incarceration.

The data collected are used to establish a collaborative case plan and identify which reentry services and programs best meet each person's individual needs.Certified users can create assessments and case plans based on identified criminogenic domains. The automated case plan may be customized to capture the objectives, action steps, incentives and sanctions applied during varying points of a client’s time with the department, both in facilities and in the community.